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Onward is more than a way to connect and find community post-treatment. It’s a safe place where you can show up and be your authentic self. We offer a wide range of weekly virtual groups, an easy-to-navigate app just for MBH Alumni, special events. You also get the support of a team that has been where you are, and they’re just a phone call away when you need someone to listen.



Even after you’re return home, you’re not in this alone. You have an invaluable resource in your peers. They can help offer insight and feedback when you face triggers, find yourself struggling with a new situation, aren’t sure how to handle something from a healthy perspective, need advice, or just want to hear from someone else who “gets it.”



It’s not about what you face as much as how you face it. Growth means taking responsibility, not turning away or avoiding hard situations or unwanted feelings. How are you doing? Do your current choices line up with your values? Are you using the tools you’ve been given? We’ll be here to ask those questions and help keep you on track.



You really are stronger than you think — you may just someone to remind you of that from time. Whether it’s setting new goals and making a plan to achieve them, continuing to choose healthy habits, or celebrating milestones you weren’t sure you’d reach, we’re here to cheer you on as you continue to grow and move forward.


Need more information before signing up? Curious to learn more about how Onward works? Already a member but want details about a specific resource we offer? You’ve come to the right place!

Who am I connecting with on the Onward app?

You will be grouped with other MBH Alumni who completed treatment at the same campus so conversations, support, and resources will apply to the issues you’re dealing with.

Who can see my posts on the Onward app?

Alumni from the same program/campus who join Onward and download the app will see your posts.

Why wasn’t I automatically added to the Alumni Association when I completed treatment?

While we believe strongly in the benefits of this free program and do our best to make you aware of it while you’re still in treatment, you always have the choice to opt in. We’ll never sign up anyone without their consent.

Who is eligible to join Onward?

Anyone who completes an MBH treatment program on any Meadows campus can join our Onward program for Alumni. Membership is free, but you must op in. We won’t ever sign you up without your consent.

How do I sign up?

Joining Onward is as easy as filling out the registration form, found here.

Is there a cost associated with joining Onward?

Onward resources, from online groups to newsletters and the app, are free to all MBH alumni. We do charge a minimal fee for Alumni Retreats and some other events with a connected cost, and you are responsible for your own travel, lodging, and meals.

How do you protect my information?

We won’t share your personal information with a third party and we will never sell your contact info.

What is On-ramp?

Anyone who completes an MBH treatment program is automatically eligible for two free months of Onramp, a coaching and recovery support program offered in partnership with Meadows Behavioral Healthcare. Find out more or sign up on our On-ramp page.

What if I need help right now?

You can always call our Alumni hotline. They can provide a listening ear and suggest resources. Of course, if the situation is life-threatening, please call 911.

The MBH Onward App

Our app is just for alumni of our programs and their family members, putting community, connection, and resources at your fingertips 24-7. MBH Onward includes inspiration, practical tips, interactive prompts that encourage engagement and accountability, a community who “gets it” to support you when you’re struggling, and access to original MBH articles, podcasts, and more. Available on both iOS and Android devices.


You have to choose to join

You’ve come so far, but even with all the tools and insights you gained in treatment, the road ahead won’t always be smooth. Ensure you have the support you need to face the future. No one is automatically registered for our Alumni program. Joining is a choice. That’s why you have to opt in by signing up. If you didn’t do that before leaving treatment, you can do it now.